Tuesday, October 27, 2015

one day in as a blogger

Well, I've done it.  I've started writing my own blog.  I wrote my first post this afternoon.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's HOT yoga class with my friends.  We started going several months ago and I've really become addicted to the release of stress that it gives me.  I swear I can feel the toxins of anxiety and stress ooze out of my pores.  Do the stress and anxiety return?  Yes, but that is why I keep returning each Wednesday.    I can also tell you that I'm utterly ravenous after each hour and 15 minute yoga session.

I never much physical activity while Olivia was alive.  It wasn't interesting enough to me.  Other than walking my dog, that was about the extent of my exercise routine.  It wasn't until about a year after Olivia passed when I contacted a local personal trainer, Tim.  I started meeting with him once a week back in March of 2013.  He really helped me to enjoy activity and made me more confident in my abilities and strengths.

They say that exercise is good for the sour, right?  I think so.

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