Friday, November 13, 2015

A drawing to share

Olivia has a siter, Ainsley, who was 5 days shy of her s2nd birthday when Olivia died.  She doesn't remember much about her cherished big sister except for the things we have told her and by watching videos.  I'll get to their story at some point in my blog but I wanted to share with you something today.  

I was cooking dinner yesterday and listening to my playlist.  I added a song to it that was sung by Christina Bruni Bolcato at Olivia's funeral.  Of course, I began to cry because it takes me back to that day......  the day that closed the chapter of her life.  The day that we'd see her for the last time in the flesh.  The day that we'd say our final good-byes.  

Ainsley, my now 5 year old, is very in tuned with my emotions and correlates Olivia with sadness at times.  After seeing me cry, she got out her drawing pad and her markers and began to color a picture.  

The 3 people at the bottom are me, Erick, and Ainsley.  Olivia is in the middle, going up to Heaven.  those are God's hands reaching down to Olivia and an angel at the top left.  Because this is scanned, I was told by Ainsley that I cut off God's hair.  I think you get the idea.  

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