Monday, November 16, 2015


We went away over the weekend to my in laws house second home located on the Allegheny River just above Oil City, PA.  It's their "camp" - a house that faces the river with beautiful scenic views and indoor plumbing.  Now that's my kind of camp!

We've taken several weekend trips to camp since my in laws bought it back in 1995.  We took Olivia there for the first time when she was just 2 months old for a Father's Day weekend.  She grew up loving to spend weekends up there.  She loved to fish, canoe, play in the river, and catch bugs and toads.  We spent many evenings around campfires rating marshmallows and making S'mores.

We've kept coming back to camp so that Ainsley could experience the joys that her sister did for so many years.  Ainsley, who is in some ways different from Olivia, also enjoys everything there is to do at camp. As we traveled the 2 hour car trip home yesterday she asked us if we could come back to camp next weekend.....

At one point, my father-in-law had a jet propelled boat.   We spent many days fishing on the boat.  Those days are long gone since Olivia's accident in Florida.    The boat now sits on a trailer parked back behind the house as it collects dead leaves and spider webs.    There are some things that I'm not quite ready to do again even though I once loved to.  Boating is one of them.

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