Wednesday, November 4, 2015

friends forever

Yesterday, I went for a lovely walk with my neighbor and friend, Julie and my dog, Penny.  Julie and I talk about various things when we walk.  She had asked me how my blog was coming along and I started talking about some of the ironies of Olivia's death and the week before our fateful trip.  Julie had revealed something that I've never known about until yesterday.

First,  a little background of our relationships.  Julie, who lives across the street from us is the mother of a young girl, Hannah, who became friends with Olivia shortly after we moved into our home in November of 2008.  Even though Hannah was two grades older than Olivia, they played so well together.

That week in March of 2012  before Olivia and I left for our weekend in Florida where we would be in that awful accident and Olivia would lose her life, was an unusually warm week.   The two of them probably played outside together just about everyday that week.

While we were in Florida and possibly Olivia was already gone, Hannah and Julie had gone for a walk while this stretch of unseasonable weather continued.  Hannah, a bit disappointed that her friend was out of town for such a nice weekend, says to Julie, "Now what am I going to do this weekend?"    Hannah and Julie would have had no idea that Olivia would not return home with me.

Hannah would  have to face many more weekends without her beloved friend, Olivia.

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