Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LaLa's spot

As the weather starts to change, the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, and the days are very short, it becomes harder for me to visit Olivia at her burial site.  

The first year after we buried Olivia, we visited her on a weekly basis.  She is buried across the street from the church that we joined in 2010.  Visiting Olivia is our church.  Usually on Sundays, we will drive the 20 minutes to visit Olivia and not even go to church.  Going to church is hard for us.  Being inside the church where  we sat for her funeral is depressing.  There are days that I feel like being in church  but for most Sundays, I would rather be visiting Olivia.  

I know that she got more visits from friends and family  over that first year.  Almost every other week there would be something left at her grave site such as flowers, notes, balloons, or trinkets.  Now, not so much.  I wonder if people still visit her but just don't bring anything to her or if she doesn't get many visits since it's been over 3 years that we buried our sweet Olivia.  Our Lala.  

Every year, my good friend Lisa orders a grave blanket for Olivia.  It's so nice to see that beautiful greenery lay atop her spot with red velvet bows and signs of love.  It makes our winter visits a little less miserable.  

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