Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The beauty of pregnancy

Being pregnant was so wonderful to me spiritually and emotionally but physically......  not so much.  I was SO tired for the first few months.  I would fall asleep sitting on the couch around 6pm.  I remember that I couldn't even stay up for a Monday Night Football game to watch my Pittsburgh Steelers!  In fact, I think I missed kick off.  

I was turned off by smells of food so I couldn't really eat much.  However, when I was hungry, WATCH OUT.  I was usually hungry for something completely unhealthy like a McDonalds double cheese burger, which I ordered with nothing on it but cheese.  

At this point, Erick and I haven't told anyone that I was pregnant but I think people are suspicious of me at work because of my eating patterns and temper, but I'm not sure.  I'd tell them soon enough.

Now, it's late October of 2002 and we've told our friends and family that we're expecting.  Everyone was so excited for us.  Both my parents and Erick's would be expecting their first grandchild so the excitement levels were high.     The weird eating habits and exhaustion would eventually subside and I would feel fantastic with life growing inside of me.  

Shortly thereafter, the physical part of being pregnant took another turn for the worse when I started noticing bumps on my back.  Was it a rash?  Acne?  I don't know at this point because I can't really see it.  One weekend morning, I walk downstairs and enter the kitchen where Erick is cooking breakfast or making coffee and I lift up my shirt to reveal my back and ask him what's going on back there.  I was expecting him to gently tell me that I have a slight rash or something and just dismiss it like he usually does but instead he says, "There's millions of bumps"!  Looking back now, that still makes me giggle.  I would eventually ask the doctors and also see a dermatologist but basically there is nothing that they can give me to heal the crazy ACNE that is developing on my back and eventually it moves to my neck and jaw line.  Lovely.   

As the months go by, the acne gets worse and becomes painful and usually ends up the topic of conversation because someone would  ask me about it.  That would usually embarrass me.  It's not easy to hide.    I think I simply became used to it.  

 Even men got in on the conversation about my skin.  One theory that my MALE boss came up with was that I was carrying a boy and it was the overload of testosterone that was casing my skin to break out.    That theory would be proven wrong several months later.  

Other than the acne, being pregnant was well, .......  fun!

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