Sunday, November 29, 2015


Each year since I can remember, Erick heads up to "camp" for the first day of buck season.  I would stay home with Olivia, Olivia and Ainsley, and now just Ainsley.  When it was just Olivia and me, I'd let her sleep in bed with me and we'd fall asleep watch a movie.  I remember one year watching The Wizard of Oz, which she loved, and I fell asleep before she did.

She loved that movie so much that we redecorated her bedroom one year with a Dorothy theme.  My good friend, Jessie and I went to JoAnn Fabric and got blue and white gingham print material so that Jessie could sew new curtains that looked like Dorothy's dress.  Olivia's bedroom walls were already yellow so the yellow brick road was taken care of!  I bought, online, pictures of different scenes from the movie.  Her room looked awesome.  Olivia's 5th birthday party was themed after tThe Wizard of Oz too.  We ended up bringing all of her decor to her new room once we moved but later changed it to a different theme.  The Wizard of Oz decor sits in a box...... I won't be getting rid of that stuff.

Ainsley and I are also watching movies as dad is away fat camp.  Tonight, we'll watch The Grinch after the Steeler game ends of course.  One tradition that won't be maintained is that Ainsley the Party Animal won't be sleeping in bed with me.  We'd be up all night if she had a say in it!

When it was Olivia, Ainsley, and I at home it was so nice because I'd put Ainsley to bed early since she was only very young.  Olivia and got that precious alone time.  Oh how I wish that I could have them both here with me so that we could start new traditions during our girls weekend.

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