Friday, December 11, 2015

her beautiful voice

I wasn't thinking about writing anything today until this happened........

I got my shower a little bit ago and decided to listen to my playlist on the computer.  I was in the mood for Adele.  I thought my playlist was still up since we listened to it yesterday evening  so just just clicked the play arrow.  Instead of playing my list of songs that range from Taylor Swift, Adele, Miranda Lambert, and yes One D, Olivia's beautiful voice started singing to me!  She had recorded  herself singing a song in November of 2011 that she was supposed to sing to the Veterans for a Veteran's Day Celebration.  She never did get to do that because she got sick that morning.    The beauty of this song is that she added her own verse at the end saying how thankful she was for her family.  Thank you Olivia.  


  1. There are no coincidences in life...she was singing to her Momma because she knew that you needed to hear her voice.