Thursday, January 21, 2016

Made in China

I know that a few of my past blogs have been tough for some of my readers to get through.  Trust me, it was hard for me to write and relive but it's important for me to tell my story.

On a much lighter note, Olivia was very intrigued or maybe obsessed by where things were made.  I'm not sure if this was something they were doing in school or she just figured it out on her own but it was an interesting phase.  She would turn items over and read "made in China".  At one point, she actually got agitated that 90% of the items she turned over said "Made in China".

During this weird time frame, we remodeled our kitchen and a new dishwasher had been delivered and installed.  I was trying to learn how to use it but couldn't read the small font on the buttons due to my visual impairment.  This is the nice thing about having a child who now can read when you yourself need help reading!  Olivia actually loved helping me.  She even learned how to read the bus numbers when she  and I rode the bus home from Oakland after Kindergarten.

So, I called Olivia into the kitchen and pointed to the first button on the dishwasher for her to tell me "Pots and Pans".  OK, I pointed to the next one and she says "Normal Wash".  Great, let's see what this next one says.....  I point.  Olivia smacks her hands onto her thighs as in disbelief and says to me "See!  I told you everything is made in China!"  I'm confused so I ask her to read  to me what is printed on the button. "China Wash"!

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