Monday, November 28, 2016


OK, who doesn't love the Disney movie, Tangled?  The story about the Princess who  has been locked in a tower by her "mother" so that her magical powers can be kept a  secret.  Well, my little Ainsley doesn't like  it.  How is that possible?  I have such fond memories is the movie.  Watching the movie with Olivia was a great family nigh so many years ago....  it's just a cute movie.

I asked Ainsley several times, "Why don't you like this movie?"  She can't seem to explain to me the reasons for her dislike.

Tonight, as she was getting her shower, I watched Tangled.  I happened to turn it on as they were releasing the "floating lights" in honor of the lost Princess.

Ever since our Olivia's  untimely passing, our friends have surrounded us with love and support.  We've done several lantern launches since 2012, sometimes alone and sometimes with our group of friends. We have brightened the skies with our own floating lights to remember our Olivia on her birthday and on the day of her passing.

Perhaps the floating lights and our lantern launch were too much a a reminder of loss for Ainsley?

"Frying pan.   Who knew, right?"

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