Friday, August 24, 2018

Her final wardrobe.

As the summer starts to wind down and we prepare for another school year, I decided that maybe it's time to check out Olivia's third grade wardrobe.    That wardrobe still hangs in her closet (now Ainsley's).  The last time that I went through those size 8 shirts and dresses was  when I was choosing shirts to be made into a memory quilt.

After Olivia's death in 2012, I always just assumed that her clothes would become Ainsley's clothes.  That's what would have happened if Olivia was still alive, right?  Little sisters always get their hand-me-downs.  After all, Ainsley wore Olivia's size 3 through 7/8 clothes up until this point.  What's the difference?

But this time it's so very different.

Looking through that closet only made me remember specific times and milestones ~ The sweater that she wore for her third grade school picture.   The dress that she wore for a Christmas party with her Grandma Donna.  The Mickey Mouse t-shirt that we had to buy her on an unexpectedly chilly evening in Disney World.  The shirt she wore on the first day of third grade. They were all still hanging there.

(First day of third grade)

Incorporating all of those "memory clothes" into Ainsley' side of the closet means that there are no more wardrobes to pass down to Ainsley.  

It's like a double edged sword.  That side of the closet where Olivia's clothes are hanging would be bare.  Yet, seeing those clothes is a constant reminder that she's no longer with us. Yet,  removing them, letting Ainsley wear them this year means that I have no more clothes to look at and provide me those moments in time with Olivia.

I grabbed a couple of shirts that I thought weren't too outdated, including the Mickey Mouse shirt and the purple peasant top that  she wore on the first day of third grade, washed them (man they were dusty) and will hang them up on Ainsley's side of the closet.   However  the others will remain, tucked on the right hand side of the closet because I don't want to forget what her final wardrobe looked like at this time.

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  1. I remember when you bought the Mickey shirt...bittersweet memory. Always know that Olivia holds a special place in our hearts. She was a wonderful little girl...warm, loving, old soul I can't even imagine what it's like for you.