Monday, October 22, 2018

Pennies From Heaven

In Springdale, there is a great new hang out spot called The Leaning Cask Brewing Co. It's a brewery that also hosts variety of fantastic food trucks each night. My family and I love to stop by for the food, beer, root beer, and friends. This past Saturday, Erick, Ainsley, Penny (yes, it's a dog friendly place), and I met up with friends. Before going inside, we stopped at the food truck to check out their menu. The gentleman inside was overwhelmed with joy when he saw Penny. He immediately grabbed his iiPad in search of a photo. At first, Erick and I were confused by his reaction because we weren't really sure why he was so excited. Then I pulled at Penny's leash and said "Hold on Penny". The man said with more of an OMG reaction "Wait, what did you say her name was?". Clearly, he was excited about Penny.

Long story short, his chocolate lab had passed away in August. and Penny resembled his beloved lab (the resemblance was pretty crazy). Then, he proceeded to tell us that he's picking up his new chocolate lab puppy in a few weeks and her name is Penny! In fact, the name on her official papers will read Pennies From Heaven. OK, now I started getting the goosebumps from the coincidence/ connection.

The story gets a little more weird that I happened to have one of our "In Memory of Olivia Wade - Dog Lover" dog tags in my pocket to give to m friend who adopted a new dog. I decided to give the man my dog tag for his new Penny from Heaven. It was so fitting. Of course, he inquired about Olivia. Of course, he was saddened by our loss. He them proceeded to tell us that he lost his son 6 months ago.

I'm a firm believer that in life ~ there is a reason why we are brought together.